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6 Ways to Personalize Hotel Welcome Bags

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Mark Matos

Whether you’re planning a conference, corporate meeting, wedding, or just want to say “thank you” to a client, providing a hotel welcome bag for event attendees is always a great idea! Although welcome bags may seem like a minor detail in the event planning process, they provide a fantastic opportunity to create a memorable, everlasting first impression with event guests. With a variety of personalization tools that allow you to fully customize your welcome bags, Bowtiebags can make your welcome amenity bags and event even more memorable. Here are six ways we personalize welcome bags to create a lasting first impression with out-of-town guests.



6. Delivery Destination


One thing to keep in mind before you start assembling your amenity bags is that some hotels charge a fee to for room drops: delivering the bags to each guests’ hotel room prior to their arrival. Most hotels will not charge a fee for simply leaving the bags at the reception desk for staff to distribute as guests check in. We suggest calling your hotel ahead of time to inquire if they accept welcome bags for events and if so, what the cost of distribution would be.  Be sure to select your delivery date upon order checkout (in the rare case of unexpected shipping delays, Bowtiebags ships orders so they arrive 1-2 business days prior to your selected delivery date). 






5. Bag Color


Hotel welcome bags are a token of appreciation for out-of-town guests. Our bags come in three, eye-catching colors: Wedding Blue, Tuxedo White, and Harbor Grey. Welcome bags thank your event attendees for their time, commemorates the day, and gives them a physical reminder of the event. Overall, the more thought, planning, and creativity you put into the personalization process, the better they will be received. Adding personality to your welcome amenities will create an outstanding first impression with your out-of-town guests.






4. Personalized Label


Further customization of snack gift bags comes in to play with our label templates and label designer plug-in tool. During the checkout process, you will be asked if you would like to personalize your gift bags by adding a custom 3” X 3” label to the front of each bag. 95% of our orders include a custom label designed by our customers. Choose from a variety of label templates, or upload your own image. Next, add custom text to your template or uploaded image in our label designer plug-in tool. Choose from an array of fonts, colors, and styles. 




3. Welcome Letter


Add a second personalized touch by uploading a custom welcome letter at checkout. We will print, tri-fold, and insert a copy inside each welcome bag (limit one page, double-sided). Not ready for an upload? No problem! Email it to sales@bowtiebags.com two weeks prior to your delivery date! A schedule of events, suggestions for things to do in the city, and thanking your guests for traveling near and far are just some of the details typically found in a welcome letter.



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2. Snack Package


It’s nice to tie out-of-town guests to their destination city. Give them a special treat: a snack gift bag stocked with their destination city’s favorite treats! For each city, we offer three different levels of packages: Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. From chocolate and peanuts, to beef jerky and candy, each city across the United States has one-of-a-kind snack vendors that are ‘must tries’ for any snack-a-holic. 





1. Hospitality Items


Don’t let your guests regret that last drink. If you know your out-of-town guests are in for a really big party, create a welcome bag that includes the kind of “treatment” you would administer for a hangover. On the last step before checking out with Bowtiebags, we allow for some late a-la-carte additions to your gift bag: Advil travel packet, Shout wipe, Altoids mint tin and more. These hospitality items can all make for a really fun way to thank your guests who want to explore the destination city’s nightlife. 




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