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5 Reasons Welcome Bags are Memorable for Event Attendees

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Mark Matos

If you’re hosting a conference, convention, or any large-scale event with out-of-town guests attending, your top priority is making a great impression with them. Moreover, keeping them happy, loyal, and coming back to your events. Event attendees love to talk about their destination events, especially the memorable experiences. Which is why ordering Bowtiebags’ welcome bags for guests is guaranteed to make your event memorable for all the right reasons.


Never miss out on an opportunity to satisfy your event attendees again. Here is our 5 reasons why welcome bags are memorable for event attendees.



5. Guests Can Brag to Friends & Family


We all know word-of-mouth is the best form of advertising. And in today’s technology-dominated world, word travels much faster than ever before, which highlights the significance of leaving a lasting first impression on your event attendees. In creating an exceptional first impression, it can lead to new, fruitful relationships or unexpected opportunities opening up. Out-of-town guests cannot wait to rant and rave to their friends and family back home about the heart-warming welcome bags they receive whilst traveling. The unique personalization and customization of each destination city’s snack gift bags will have your out of town guests bragging away about those sweet snacks to anyone who will listen. 



4. It’s a Pleasant Surprise


Surprise, surprise! Event attendees will be flabbergasted upon receiving their welcome bags at hotel check-in. Understanding the forethought that goes into planning something as selfless as providing welcome bags for event attendees makes them feel appreciated. The essence of being a great host is showing each and every guest that their happiness is the driving force behind your hospitality and generosity. And what’s more hospitable and generous than surprising your out-of-town travelers with gift amenity bags filled with delectable, local flavor treats as soon as they arrive? Unfortunately, these values are a far cry from what they once were, which heightens the magnitude of you gifting welcome snack bags to your event attendees at their hotel check-in. You would be surprised if you knew how impressed out of town guests are by this thoughtful surprise. Gift your out-of-town guests with savory surprises to create memories that will last them a lifetime.




3. Jet Lag


If out-of-town guests are familiar with one thing, it’s jet lag. This common traveling affliction causes physical and mental fatigue, making it difficult to stay focused and productive. As an event guest, jet lag can be nightmare fuel. Dragging your feet as you exit the airplane and make your way through the terminal, by the time you get out of your Uber car and arrive at your hotel, you’re ready for a snack and a nap. So, how can you expect your event attendees to be at their best if they’re feeling sluggish from their travels? We suggest providing attendees with snack gift bags as a remedy to help fend off those inevitable jet lag woes. By providing your event guests with pre-filled snack gift bags, not only are you restoring them back to health but you are increasing the chances of your event being memorable as well.



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2. Sample of Destination City’s Snacks


One way a city expresses itself to its out-of-town guests is through its locally-produced snacks. With each new destination city visited comes its very own, personalized package of local treats: chocolate, popcorn, beef jerky, nuts, candy, chips, etc. These snacks represent the spirit of the city and the people who inhabit it. Event guests can get a taste of the destination city’s tasty traditions by indulging on the authentic local flavor treats inside their snack baskets. In doing so, they will create an association with the snacks they devoured inside their snack gift bags to the city they visited. I mean seriously, where else can you order an assortment of different local flavor snacks to be delivered directly to your guests’ hotel?!



1. They’re Hungry!


Does your stomach begin to gurgle the moment the captain announces your arrival at your destination? As if the burden of traveling wasn’t enough, now you must scour an unfamiliar city just to satisfy your hunger. Give your event attendees one less thing to worry about by providing them with welcome bags filled with delicious, locally-produced snacks at their hotel check-in. Snack bags are prime for filling that bottomless-void you refer to as your stomach. Yes, your hungry out-of-town guests will be overjoyed to receive their attendee gifts, but what will resonate most with them is the diligent effort you put into accommodating their stay.

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