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Whether it be a comic convention, trade shows, or an important business convention, Bow Tie Bags has your welcome bag needs covered. With several choices of colors, fillers and designs, can customize a hospitality bag for any occasion! Bow Tie Bags takes all the hard work out of hosting a convention or trade show, no matter the size or type. Providing welcome bags has never been easier! Fill your convention’s welcome bags with a variety of items, ranging from treats and goodies to toiletries for those out of town guests. Bow Tie Bags will even ship your bags to the hotel of your choosing! All of your convention guests will feel special when checking in to the venue by receiving a carefully packaged and unique goody bag. With easy step-by-step ordering, you are just a few clicks away from checking one more thing off that to-do list! is designed to fulfill all of your convention hosting wants and needs. The ordering process is streamlined to save you time. With a detailed point and click, step by step menu customizing and ordering your convention welcome bags is a snap. You can mix and match bag colors, fillers and labels with each order. Then select the location of your convention or trade show and let Bow Tie Bags is your one stop shop for convention welcome bag needs.

Corporate Events welcome bags
hospitality welcome bags

Building your welcome bags is quick and fun! Just select from a variety of bag colors and start filling! You can pack each guests’ welcome bag with a multitude of options, ranging from sweets like chocolate and granola bars to salty snacks like crackers and pretzels. You can even select from a list of hospitality gifts, such as tissues and Purell wipes. Don’t forget to include bottled water! Your guests will be pleasantly surprised when they arrive to their hotel and are greeted with a fun and customized welcome bag!

Each bag can even include custom images and documents that you can upload to directly to! Convention guests can be provided directions, info on local attractions and even conference schedules and itinerary. Every hospitality bag can also include a customizable label, with multiple color and design options.

Planning and hosting a convention or trade show can be an arduous task. Why not delegate some of the work out to! Let Bow Tie Bags custom build a welcome or hospitality bag for your guests that will have them all excited and feeling special!

Corporate Events welcome bags

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Whether your corporate event is this coming weekend or in a few months, we will assemble your custom corporate event welcome bags and ship them to you or your guests' hotel a few days before their arrival.

(We ship your welcome bags for delivery 4-7 days before your corporate event, unless you specify differently Click here for information about delivery schedules and how shipping works)

Conventions welcome bags

Welcome Bags Arrive

Congratulations! You have made a memorable first impression with your out-of-town Corporate Events guests!

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Corporate Events welcome bags